For the past 34 years (since 1986) the trajectory of Teatro LATEA is a testament to the values of teamwork and resilience, and our survival has hinged on that remarkable downtown arts: in-kind collaboration.

As this tumultuous twenty-first century keeps driving innovation in live/recorded/streamed Latin American and Latinx music and independent theater and film,Teatro LATEA keeps rising to the challenge thanks to donations such as yours.

At this remarkable juncture we thank you for your commitment and consideration for this jewel of a theater company. Donate today to ensure greater participation of Latin American/latino artists and audiences as well as our multicultural partners and the New York public in this ever evolving saga that is downtown theater.

We can’t wait to see you in person but we are committed to maintaining a vibrant virtual scene for as long as artists and audiences want to meet. Please donate to LATEA /remoto and continue supporting Latin creativity and artists, new audiences, old supporters and humanity’s faith in the improving shape of things to come.

Corporate Opportunities Available

LATEA assiduously promotes Latino performing and film arts to Latinos and multicultural audiences, PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR Borimix. Puerto Rico Fest (Bori-Ayti this November) and eMeLe-K (an Afro Latin thing for Martin Luther King) in January!!!

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Thank you for supporting LATEA.

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Enjoy the show. 

Access to a LATEA performance of your preference.

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Date night.

Access for two to a LATEA performance of your preference.

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Access to use our rehearsal space for two hrs.

$200 + -

Tamayo Pass

Honor one of our founders Nelson Tamayo and promote your business with LATEA through our website and social media.

$700 + -

Landrieu Pass

Film or stream your content on our stage for one day.

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