Tabula Rasa

Workshops:—No previous experience necessary.

The Body in Power: Feldenkrais-based physical exploration and contact improvisation practices for dancers, scenic artist and performers. See schedule for (1) weekends and (2) weekdays.
Instructor: Fran Santoro.

Fun, Games and Theater: Theater introduction for non-actors. Using theater games, the participants will learn acting skills and create a short theater presentation. All audiences.
Instructor: Jorge Luis Berríos Cuevas.

Creative Acting: Exploring the potential of the body-space relationship in the actor’s creative process through Neutral Mask collective creation exercises. All audiences.
Instructor: Ramiro Antonio Sandoval.

Somatic Embodiment: Physical explorations through somatic work and awareness of the performer’s body. Feldenkrais based workshop. All audiences. Instructor: Clara Wiest.

Free Cultural Events at LATEA:

Coffee Time with Tabula RaSa: Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (consult calendar) for some quality art discussions with the Tabula RaSa NYC Theater team.

Conference: The Theatre For Peace Project: Learn about the off-stage artistic initiatives that Tabula RaSa NYC Theater is leading outside the USA with peace-building communities and artists.

Q&A with Director Ramiro Antonio Sandoval: After the show casual conversation about the show’s creative process. A great opportunity to meet the company and LATEA’s staff.

Workshops Showcase: You are invited to share the creative outcome of the workshops.

Photo-exhibit about Tabula RaSa and the Theatre For Peace Project’s work will be on display at LATEA Theater. By Johanna Bock.

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In our effort to introduce new programming to the theater we are proud to introduce “Tabula Rasa” to our group of collaborators.


TABULA RASA NYC THEATER AND PERFORMANCE LAB in co-production with LATEA THEATER, proudly presents the world premiere of  In The Eye of The Needle, a collective creation, written and directed by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval.



A tragicomedy that reflects on contemporary life, social alienation, and the acceptance of boredom as the means to self-reinvention. After a disappearance, three characters remain trapped and under constant observation. Meandering between twisted ideas about social behavior, they struggle to create meaning (or run away from it?) while trapped in a strange place. With expulsion looming, sophistic discussions on culture and myths displace the fear of their shared circumstance. Polar and nonsensical perspectives, reveal with dark humor the make up of their uncomfortable experience

A contemporary piece that reflects, among other subjects, on the way knowledge can be replaced with useless matter, and boredom itself the salvation and the means to self-reinvention.

The show’s three-week engagement from Friday, May 25th to Sunday June 10th.

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