Tatiana Ronderos

Grant Development Manager

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Tatiana moved from Colombia to New York City when she was 19, she joined LATEA’s team as the Assistant Artistic Director in 2019 after she successfully produced Los Pied Pipers de Woodside during the summer of that same year.  Due to her bilingual skills (Spanish and English) she has encountered wonderful people from different cultures that have enriched her artistic experience. Tatiana is looking forward to breaking the stereotypes and the status quo of the Hispanic female representation in media. Tatiana is a versatile producer  who has worked in a wide variety of media genres, including TV commercials, web ́- series, films and theater.  Adept at managing several tasks simultaneously, following precise instructions and understanding set procedures and idioms. Specializes, but not limited to studio and field work. Currently doing pre production for the upcoming feature film Los Pied Pipers. Stay tuned and view her curatorial collaboration under the umbrella of LATEA Remoto.