Miguel Trelles

Executive Director

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Miguel Trelles is a Puerto Rican visual artist who works in the Lower East Side of Manhattan at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center, where he currently serves as Executive/Artistic Director of Teatro LATEA and is the co-founder, co-producer and head visual arts curator of the Borimix Puerto Rico Fest (originated with Teatro SEA) as well as Teatro LATEA’S eMeLe-K, “An Afro Latin thing for Martin Luther King”.

While at LATEA Miguel Trelles has activated the storied LATEA company founded by Tamayo, Landrieu, Garcia and Gomez by empowering 5 programming platforms: stage, screen, music, word and the Afro-Latin. As a visual artist Trelles has devoted over twenty years to cross pollinating his Latinx heritage with his art history training in Chinese dynastic painting. His ongoing painting series “chino-latino” derives inspiration from classic Chinese painting along with Pre-Columbian and Latin American imagery.

As an adjunct professor of Spanish, Art History, Black and Latino Studies, and Visual Arts, Trelles has taught at various SUNY Colleges, Fairley Dickinson University (NJ) and Brown University and continues teaching at the Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature at Baruch College.