Raks al Zahra is a New York City dance company presenting Egyptian-style Raqs Sharqi and Middle Eastern Folklore,  directed by Natalie Nazario, with a diverse cast of dancers featuring dancers from Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Japan, the United States, and France. Raks al Zahra bloomed without even knowing the bright journey that was waiting for them… Their first performance was in May 2014 at Rakkasah Festival in New Jersey.  After five years, they are still doing the same, the energy growing with each Raks al Zahra Annual Celebration. It is a joy to see that contagious passion expand to even more dancers. If the dancers are flourishing, that is a reflection of the teacher herself. As Natalie always says, “The way that we treat others is the same way that you treat yourself”. Dance is the main reason why the company was born, but connection with others is our mission.
Why “Khamsa”? Our Raks al Zahra 5th Anniversary show is named “Khamsa”, meaning five in Arabic. The Khamsa symbol, popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, is the image of a hand signifying protection, power, blessings, strength, and warding off the evil eye. It just so happens that the main dancers of Raks al Zahra are also five:  Kaori, Jesska, Natalie Nazario, Gabriela Figueroa, and Sophia Maria. To celebrate, we will be presenting our history since 2014 in an exposition of photos, projections, designs, a retrospective on our awards, and a display of our creative process. In the spirit of protection and strength from Khamsa, we can complete five years and set out for new challenges, aware of our roots and our growth. Khamsa equals our belief that dreams come true if you succeed in taking each step, each day, with kindness, dedication, and compassion.
 Tickets $35 in advance, $40 at the door.