Bori-Ayiti: Tree of visions

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New York, NY – The Clemente, Teatro SEA and Teatro LATEA will present three exhibitions:  Bori-Ayiti: Tree of Visions, Breathing History: Chapel of Reflection, and Ayiti mon amour to highlight contemporary artistic expressions (between and) among Haitian and Puerto Rican artists as a part of its 15th annual BORIMIX Puerto Rico Arts Festival,. The exhibitions open at The Clemente’s Abrazo Interno and LES Galleries, and online, on November 7th at 8pm, with opening night performances by Haitian musician Okai Muisik and the Puerto Rican Latin Jazz maestro Fernando GarcÍa and his Bomba troupe joined by RÉgime Romain.


Bori-Ayiti: Tree of Visions is a virtual exhibition that displays the artwork of 20 Haitian and Puerto Rican video artists and will be streamed throughout the month on www.teatrolatea.org , AND ALL THE OTHER PLATFORMS (PLEASE INCLUDE SEA) starting November 6th , 2020. It is curated by Maksaens Denis, Michelange Quai, and Miguel Trelles with assistant curator Tatiana Ronderos.  Tree of Visions includes works fromDymy Chouloute, Awilda Sterling- Duprey, Shirley Bruno, Margarita Vincenty, Daniel Lind-Ramos, Adler Pierre, Julián Garnik, Romel Jean Pierre, Melvin Audaz, Steevens Simeon, Juanita Lanzó, Michelange Quay, José Luis Cortés, Maksaens Dennis, Marco Saint -Juste Castellana, Margarita Vincenty, Gasner Francois, Marco Saint-Juste, and Arnaldo Roche . Maud Duquella will join in for a special tribute in memory of Arnaldo Roche Rabell.


Solo exhibitions will open at the Abrazo Interno and LES Gallery featuring Patricia Brintle in Ayiti mon amour and Diógenes Ballester in Breathing History: Chapel of Reflection , respectively . Brintle is a Haitian, self-taught and full-time artist. She emigrated to New York City in 1964 but travels to her homeland every year. Brintle’s art does not follow a particular style, rather, it responds to the moment. Her art calls the viewer to a thoughtful reflection as they discover something new in the Haitian life, culture, and history. Brintle’s art bridges the gap between the Haitian on the island and the Haitian Diaspora.Ballester is a renowned visual artist, writer and educator from Ponce, Puerto Rico and has lived in New York City (East Harlem) for the past 40 years. The creation of his installations is derived from his experiences in Paris, New York, Asia, the Caribbean and of course Puerto Rico. Ballester is a self-defined “arteologist”, or an artist who consciously engages in this multiplicity of roles as an artist: 


The works allude to a fundamental history of the Indigenous, Black, and Mestizo America, the America where Spanish, Portuguese and French are spoken. Our Bori-Ayiti is a celebration of the Antillean brotherhood / sisterhood and our humble homage to the Haitians who, with enduring sacrifice, opened the way for an ever-elusive equality.


For more information please contact: info@teatrolatea.org

Opening Night:

Meet the video artists followed a special invocation by Bori- Ayiti’s curator Michelange Quai A Virtual and physical Jam @ Teatro LATEA’s website and Facebook Platform. 

November 7th at 8:30 pm EST

Website: www.teatrolatea.org

Facebook Channel: https://www.facebook.com/teatro.latea/

Virtual Venue:

A Virtual Exhibition through Teatro LATEA´s website and Facebook Channel 

Website: www.teatrolatea.org

Facebook Channel: https://www.facebook.com/teatro.latea/


Artist Talks:

November 9th 5pm

Dymy Chouloute and Awilda Sterling- Duprey

November 11th 5pm

Shirley Bruno and Daniel Lind-Ramos

November 13th 5pm

Adler Pierre and Julián Garnik

November 26th 5pm

Romel Jean Pierre and Melvin Audaz

November 18th 5pm

Steevens Simeon and Juanita Lanzo, Margarita Vincenty and Gasner Francois

November  20th 5pm

Michelange Quay and José Luis Cortés

November 23rd 5pm

Maksaens Dennis and Castellana

November 27th 5pm

Arnaldo Roche Rabell in memoriam .Texts by Maud Duquella 

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