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Alex “Apolo” Ayala Bámbula Project Replay May 26th 2021




Join Teatro LATEA in The BÁMBULA project, a celebration heritage,history, identity, folklore…a CELEBRATION of Afro-Puerto Rican culture. Led by Alex “Apolo” Ayende with IVAN RENTA on Alto and Soprano SaxFERNANDO GARCÍA on DrumsNELSON MATEO GONZÁLEZ on Percussion.

A musical expression of a subject that is always present among Latinos: IDENTITY. “How do you identify yourself?”. This musician compasses the answer to that question. The arrangements and compositions are based in Puerto Rico’s oldest and purest musical art form: BOMBA. Bomba is the music that our African ancestors brought with them to the Americas, specifically Puerto Rico. It is the purest and most authentic expression of Puerto Rican BLACKNESS.

With both original compositions and the arrangements of some known tunes like John Coltrane’s GIANT STEPS, and Tite Curet Alonso’s LAS CARAS LINDAS, this project also showcases both of the languages that I “speak” the most: Jazz and Latin-Jazz, or in this case, Afro-Puerto Rican Jazz. In the format of No-harmonic-instrument-Quartet, the project looks topresent to the audience two musical elements in the most direct way: Melody and Rhythm. The clear and melodic tone of both Alto and Soprano Saxophones, combined with the Drum set and the Percussion set with the Bomba Barrel as the main character, form the perfect marriage between both melody and rhythm, with the Acoustic Bass as the link between melody, harmony and rhythm. All the compositions have a different story, each of them have a different meaning, and most importantly, they are played in a different BOMBA rhythm (there are about 10-15 different variations of BOMBA rhythms).


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