Our History

LATEA (Latin American Theater Experiment Associates) is a performing arts theater company that has been a Latino cultural staple for over 30 years. Through multicultural and multidisciplinary initiatives at The Clemente, which it helped establish, LATEA assiduously promotes and produces Latino performing arts to and for Latinos and multicultural audiences.

At our theater, New York based Latino / Latin American artists can create multidisciplinary work through co-productions in a collaborative environment. Our mission encompasses producing experimental theater as well as co-producing dance, film, music and visual arts. Our principal aim is not only to expose underserved Latino audiences to dynamic multidisciplinary performance/theater experiences but also to introduce broader audiences to work by emerging Latino/Latin American and other artists.

The LATEA Remoto flexes the incredibly versatile theater stage, effectively transforming it into a utilitarian set/sound stage for recording and/or live streaming. In sync with our mission and other programs, LATEA Remoto content/streams will document, promote, and allow LATEA to market select stage, screen, music and word programming during the COVID19 crisis and beyond.

With this flexible stage transformation LATEA is making good on its commitment to support the production of original Latinx plays (for pandemic times), concerts, short films, web series, teasers, pilots and any vehicle to empower new initiatives by performing artists at this crucial juncture.