New York City, NY: Teatro LATEA today announced programing for eMeLe-K 2020, the first listing of the decade at Teatro LATEA. eMeLe-K is cultural homage to Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. The weeklong event seeks to provide a forum for Afro-Latinos, African Americans and all who believe in Dr. King’s life example and respect his memory. Artists and audiences are invited to engage in artistic exchanges while celebrating the US Civil Rights movement and the tremendous contributions Afro-Latinos make to society.

“eMeLe-K gives us a chance to encounter an image of greatness, in the form of a man who lost his life struggling to amend a problem lying at the very base of American culture and history” wrote Jonathan Goodman, art critic, in his review of the Art Exhibition for the first edition of eMeLe-K.

eMeLe-K 2020 will run from January 12th through January 20th at 7pm.

Teatro LATEA: is a performing arts theater company that has been a Latino cultural staple for over 30 years. Through multicultural and multidisciplinary initiatives at The Clemente, which it helped establish, LATEA assiduously promotes Latino performing arts to Latinos and multicultural audiences and presents multicultural work to Latinos.