Our History

Founded in 1982 by Nelson Tamayo, Nelson Landrieu, Mateo Gomez and Marta García. Latin American Theater Experiment Associates (Teatro LATEA) reflects the concern of these award-winning actors with the underrepresentation of Latinos in North American theater. When the Solidaridad Humana bilingual educational program anchored at former P.S. 160 ceased to exist, the founders developed a communal theater space. Shortly thereafter LATEA found itself as the sole tenant of the former Public School building. Serendipitously, its members and Ed Vega Yunqué manged to safeguard a formidable city-owned building for downtown Latino arts. In 1993 Ed Vega and the LATEA founders established the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center (The Clemente). During its illustrious 38 year history, Teatro LATEA has been widely acknowledged for its contributions to the performing arts.

About Us:

LATEA (Latin American Theater Experiment Associates)
is a performing arts theater company that has been a Latino cultural staple for over 30 years. Through multicultural and multidisciplinary initiatives at The Clemente, which it helped establish, LATEA assiduously promotes and produces Latino performing arts to and for Latinos and multicultural audiences.

At our theater, New York based Latino / Latin American artists can create multidisciplinary work through co-productions in a collaborative environment. Our mission encompasses producing experimental theater as well as co-producing dance, film, music and visual arts exhibits. Our principal aim is not only to expose underserved Latino audiences to dynamic multidisciplinary performances /theater experiences but also to introduce broader audiences to work by emerging Latino/Latin American artists and others.

Since 2017, LATEA has reinvigorated its focus on three distinct initiatives: LATEA STAGE produces and hosts Latino theater, LATEA SCREEN produces new media content and holds film festivals and open screens, and LATEA MUSIC presents Latin Jazz, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and South American genres such as Tango. Spoken word events and visual arts exhibits are also presented. A new festival dedicated to Afro-Latin cultures started in 2018 and is in its fourth year.`}`

In honor of its mission, LATEA has adapted to the “new normal” going “Remoto” in order to stream original Latinx content online. This transition was accomplished with the support of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

LATEA/Remoto flexes the incredibly versatile LATEA stage, effectively transforming it into a utilitarian film set for recording and live streaming theatrical, film and music projects. Remoto proactively documents, promotes, and allows LATEA to market select stage, screen, music and word programming online.

LATEA´s Team

Miguel Trelles

Executive Director

Naivy Pérez


Miguel Valderrama


Yaudel Estenoz


Frank Fantini


Tatiana Ronderos


In Memory Of

Kilian Schindler

Date of Birth: October 29, 1989 – in Zürich, Switzerland

Citizenships: Switzerland, Italy (from mother), and Chile (from father)


Kilian studied Operations Research at UC Berkeley and Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland, where he works together with Prof. Daniel Kuhn on dynamic data-driven optimization under uncertainty. 

Specifically, Kilian develops quantitative methods to handle the increasing dimensionality of modern optimization problems and to ensure their robustness against uncertainty. Impact areas of his work so far include Operations Research, Machine Learning, and the Renewable Energy Sector. 

Kilian grew up in Zürich, Switzerland, and is the oldest son of his Italian mother and Chilean father. He is fluent in five languages, passionate about teaching, and in his spare time he likes to row, hike, and travel.


Ph.D. in Operations Research, EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Sep/2016 – present. 

Supervisor: Prof. Daniel Kuhn – Chair of Risk Analytics and Optimization. 

Research: Dynamic Data-Driven Optimization under Uncertainty (Scalability and Robustness). 

Papers: K. Schindler, N. Rujeerapaiboon, D. Kuhn, W. Wiesemann. A Day-Ahead Decision Rule Method for Multi-Market Multi-Reservoir Management. Working Paper. 

N. Rujeerapaiboon, K. Schindler, D. Kuhn, W. Wiesemann. Size Matters: Cardinality Constrained Clustering and Outlier Detection via Conic Optimization. SIAM Journal on Optimization. April 2019. 

N. Rujeerapaiboon, K. Schindler, D. Kuhn, W. Wiesemann. Scenario Reduction Revisited: Fundamental Limits and Guarantees. Mathematical Programming. April 2018. 

Conferences: Intern. Conf. on Continuous Optimization | TU Berlin, Germany | August 2019. 

Intern. Conf. on Stochastic Programming | NTNU Trondheim, Norway | July 2019. 

Intern. Symp. on Mathematical Programming | University of Bordeaux, France | July 2018. 

Computational Management Science | NTNU Trondheim, Norway | May 2018. 

Modern Convex Optimization and Applications | The Fields Institute, Canada | July 2017. 

Computational Management Science | University of Bergamo, Italy | May 2017. 

Teaching: Best Teaching Assistant Award 2019 | awarded annually by the graduating student cohort Convex Optimization | Prof. Daniel Kuhn | Fall 2018; Fall 2019. 

Data Science for Managers | Prof. Kenneth Younge | Fall 2018; Spring, Summer, Fall 2019. 

Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes | Dr. Napat Rujeerapaiboon | Fall 2017. 

Data Science for Business | Prof. Kenneth Younge | Spring 2017.

Coursework: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning | Mathematics of Data | Data Science for Business | Optimization Methods and Models | Optimization and Simulation | Advanced Probability and Applications | Supply Chain Management | Microeconomics | Econometrics.

M.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, UC Berkeley Aug/2015 – May/2016 

Overall GPA: 3.88 (max: 4.0) – among top 3% of the overall promotion.

Capstone: Fault-Tolerant Localization in Autonomous Driving using GPS, Camera, and LIDAR. 

Coursework: Optimization Analytics | Mathematical Programming | Applied Stochastic Processes | Computational Optimization | Learning and Optimization | Engineering Leadership 

M.Sc. with Distinction in Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zürich Feb/2012 – Dec/2013. 

Overall GPA: 5.81 (max: 6.0) – among top 3% of the overall promotion. 

Thesis: Chattering Dynamics and related Nonlinear Motion in the Bouncing Ball System 

Paper: K. Schindler, R. Leine. Paradoxical Chaos-Like Chattering in the Bouncing Ball System. ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences. August 2018. 

Coursework: Theory of Robotics and Mechatronics | Dynamic Programming and Optimal Control | Model Predictive Control | Recursive Estimation | Linear Systems Theory | Nonlinear Dynamics | Dynamics of Multi-Body / Structure-Variant Systems | Orbital Dynamics 

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zürich Sep/2008 – Sep/2011. 

Overall GPA: 5.20 (max: 6.0) – among top 10% of the overall promotion. 

Thesis: Programming a 7-axis robot arm to find the shortest path in a maze using haptic feedback. 

Coursework: Calculus | Linear Algebra | Probability and Statistics | Physics | Mechanics | Electronics | Thermodynamics | Fluid Dynamics | System Dynamics and Control | Manufacturing 

Matura (High-School Graduation), Freies Gymnasium Zürich 2002 – 2008. 

Overall GPA: 5.89 (max: 6.0) – best of the overall promotion. 


Member of the Autonomous Driving Capstone Team at UC Berkeley – CA / USA Aug/2015 – May/2016

The advancement of Autonomous Driving Technology involves finding solutions to many challenges and integrating them into a safe overall system. Our team worked towards a solution for localization, that is, determining in real time the exact location of the vehicle. By fusing GPS, camera, and LIDAR sensors, we developed an algorithm to handle the potential loss of the GPS signal and implemented it as a stand-alone software module, which was deployed on a prototype autonomous car and used for ongoing research.

Full-time position as Vehicle Dynamics Engineer at Stadler Rail – Switzerland May/2014 – Jul/2015 

Modeling the train as multi-body mechanical system, simulating its dynamic behavior using appropriate software and conducting the required prototype tests to ensure safety against derailment, optimal riding comfort, running stability, and other specific properties. The obtained insights determine various design parameters of the train suspension and inform the legal authorization procedure for operating the train. 

A total of 14 appointments as Teaching Assistant across 7 different courses at ETH Zürich 2009 – 2013 

Appointments were with three different institutes, namely: Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, Institute of Mechanical Systems, and Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing. 

The main responsibilities included: preparation and delivery of weekly classes to groups of 30+ students; supervising and correcting mid-term exams; and acting as first person of contact for students. Over the years I had the pleasure to teach more than 500 hours to a total of about 600 students at ETH Zürich. 

Industrial Internships 

R&D internship at Trumpf Maschinen AG in Baar/Zug Sep/2011 – Jan/2012. 

Production floor internship at Kaba AG in Wetzikon/Zürich Winter 2009. 


Languages: Fluent in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French. 

Software: Matlab, Python, C/C++ | Gurobi, Cplex, Mosek | MS Office, LaTeX. 

Interests: Technology, International Affairs, Teaching, Sports (Rowing/Hiking), and Travelling. 

– Member of the “Zunft zum Kämbel” (one of Zürich’s traditional “Guilds”) – since 2010. 

– Board Member of the Alumni Association of the Freies Gymnasium Zürich (2011 – 2016).

– Vice-President of the Student Association of the Freies Gymnasium Zürich (2006 – 2008). 

– Selected and annually confirmed as Member of the Swiss Study Foundation (2009 – 2014). 

– Member of the local Polling Bureau at the commune of Kilchberg/Zürich (2010 – 2018). 

Have travelled extensively across Europe, have been several times in North- and South-America, and have visited wide parts of Australia, some countries in South-East Asia, as well as the Gulf Emirates.

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