The Lesson


In “The Lesson,” a hopeful young girl looks for a better education, but in her small town there is only one person who can help her to reach her goal: an old teacher with a secret. In a thriller-like world, this Ionesco classic of the Theater of The Absurd makes you ask yourself: Why? How is this possible? And could this happen at home?

This theater production of The Lesson by Eugène Ionesco marks a new phase of Teatro LATEA’s stage production initiatives. It is LATEA’s goal to keep expanding our already broad and diverse audiences through exciting productions made by a multicultural team with latino base.


Pilar Gonzalez
Website: pilargonzalezs.com

Danie Steel
Danie Steel YouTube page
The DK Show


Creative team

Directed by: Gama Valle
Set & lighting Design: Omayra Garriga-Casiano
Costume Design: Karim Rivera-Rosado
Sound design: Disanto Diaz

February 16, 2018 Friday 8 PM
February 17, 2018 Saturday 4 PM
February 17, 2018 Saturday 8 PM
February 18, 2018 Sunday 4 PM
February 22, 2018 Thursday 8 PM
February 23, 2018 Friday 8 PM
February 24, 2018 Saturday 8 PM
February 25, 2018 Sunday 4 PM